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Here at Cooking the Books Enterprises we HATE data entry, so we created programs to save you time and money, allowing you to manage your finances and lower your costs using the latest cloud technology.

Founder Andrew Briese, trained as a chef and completed a Bachelor of Business in Catering and Hotel Management while working in the hotel industry for a period of 20 years.

During his experience as a chef, He realised that there was a lack of a computer-generated programs which would assist Chefs, Hotel Management and Hotel owners to redevelop their business structures and finances.

As anyone will acknowledge from watching TV shows such as Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, success in the restaurant /cafe industry depends on a great number of factors, and even with the country’s best chefs, the business will fail without a close check on all financial factors involved in the running of the business.

That’s why Andrew created Cooking the Books, an online computer program designed to generate food costs, stock control, order sheets, recipe cards, sales revenue, electronic ordering, invoicing etc, creating a food based operational management system for the Hospitality Industry to assist chefs/managers to help ensure profitability.

After seeing the success of the Cooking the Books program Andrew and the Cooking the Books team began to create a range of complimentary products, such as Portion Pockets, Drinking the Profits and Shifty Business.

Cooking the Books programs link in with a fantastic range of complementary software, including POS and Accounting. We have also developed strong relationships with suppliers, marketers and other businesses that can help our clients so that we can focus on what we do best, kitchen management tools, whilst still assisting you in every aspect of running your business.

Cooking the Books also runs a range of Short Courses to help owners and employees understand the importance of controlling the costs of food, beverage and labour as well as empowering them with all the skills and knowledge of how to best use their resources.

For those after a more intensive review of their business Cooking the Books also offer personalised Mentoring and Coaching for owners and staff identifying any problems, implementing solutions and leaving you with the tools to continue to see your profits increase.

Andrew and the team and Cooking the Books are continually updating their existing range as well as looking at new ways to help their existing clientele run their business and fill in any gaps they can see within the industry.

Our goal is to create a completely streamlined system for Hospitality, eradicating data entry, saving time and money, and allowing businesses to forecast their profitability as accurately as possible.