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Cooking the books


To enhance your ordering workflow, changes to the Electronic Ordering page will soon take effect. This change will allow seamless ordering from Suppliers that only have a single contact and remove the need to cancel out of the ordering window once processed.

Where only one contact is available for the chosen Supplier, the Contact Browser page will no longer be displayed. You will instead be able to immediately compose your custom email to the Supplier, which will be directed automatically to the assigned contact.

Should multiple contacts be available for the selected Supplier, this part of the ordering process will remain unchanged.

Once your order email has been sent, the Stock Order Details window will now close automatically. You will instead be shown a brief notification confirming your order and email has been processed successfully.

Below is an example of the new notification that will appear on completion of an Electronic Order.

This feature will be made available on the morning of Wednesday 30 May 2018.