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Cooking the books


Various changes have now been implemented which impact Allergens for stock items, completion of Stocktake and the creation of Recipes.

Links to Allergens for a stock item will now be visible from the Stock Maintenance page and, similarly to Dietary Requirements, can be updated directly from the Supplier’s stock view or from within the editing window of an individual stock item:

Recipes will benefit from this update to Allergens, as any stock items with an Allergen linked will be reflected in the overall list of Allergens for that recipe. This also includes any sub-recipe ingredients that have Allergens linked, however this is limited to one sub-level of recipes.

Ingredients added to recipes will now also include a default value of 0 in the Portion field:

Stocktakes that have been created without the use of a Template will now list each Category in alphabetical order, rather than the order that each Category was created. This change will not affect Templates that are used for a Stocktake, as they will continue to list each Category in the order they were added to the Template’s structure: