Recent Updates as of 09/08/2016

As well as having a lot of new features and improvements, we are also, based on your feedback, now regularly scheduling webinars that will be accessible live for questions, as well as available after recording on our YouTube channel.

Visit our calendar to see any upcoming events.

Here are the most recent updates, improvements and fixes to Cooking the Books as of the 9th of August 2016

  • Added the new Whiteboard feature
  • Added a new credit term option for payment on a set day of the month in the address book for suppliers
  • Added the ability to see the entered name of the person who received an order in the invoice page, not just the user details
  • Added two new ways to order, anticipated ordering based on sales history, and theoretical stock on hand display for those who have linked their POS to Cooking the Books
  • Added to ability to add Recipe Orders to the whiteboard for ease of sending
  • Added the ability to send a negative requisition for the purpose of crediting internally
  • Added the ability to requisition all or part of an invoice from the receiving order screen
  • Added the option to remove duplicated POS codes upon request
  • Fixed the issue where mid-level databases could not view sales data
  • Added the ability to save recipes as a default packaging type
  • Added the ability to allocate an anonymous supplier to an existing supplier on the iPad
  • Fixed the recipe limit report to be able to filter by outlet
  • Added requisitions to be taken into consideration for the Variance Report
  • Limited to editable fields in the recipe ingredients so that changes are made to the product in general for wastage etc.
  • Revamped the recurring orders function to make it easier to use
  • Added the ability to review notes from the order when receiving the order
  • Added the feature of requesting remote access rescue during business hours to the contact option on the dashboard
  • Added the ability to print the stocktake sheet report with filters from the report section as well as from the stocktake screen
  • Fixed the issue where you could not use the database jumper whilst in the recipe book
  • Added the ability to export all suppliers into a single excel file
  • Fixed the issue on the iPad of not being able to see all stocktake templates after a certain number
  • Added the ability to rename your revenue streams in your business departments
  • Added the ability to assign a tracking code when exporting invoice to Xero

If you have any questions about these updates, or would like to give any feedback on the program, please contact our support team at or call 1300 911 282

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