Recent Updates as of 14/06/2016

Here are the most recent updates, improvements and fixes to Cooking the Books as of the 14th of June 2016

  • Now integrating with H&L POS and Vectron
  • Added the ability to place orders by category to multiple suppliers
  • Added to ability to have GST in requisitions
  • Changed read only authority in stock maintenance to still allow for setting par levels
  • Fixed the entering of Revenue for multiple dates
  • Fixed the saving of stock conversions
  • Stopped duplicated invoices from appearing in receiving order
  • Fixed the Default ordering date on the iPad
  • Fixed the par level ordering bug on the iPad
  • Added the login username and password fields to the supplier details
  • Added some more autofill records to the Profit and Loss report, such as wastage amounts
  • Fixed the filter on stocktake to include invoices, not orders
  • Added the option to push down the locked in price setting for individual items to all outlets
  • Added the ability to easily see the packaging size of tendered products when different from requested size
  • Fixed the rendering issue for our customers with larger database to be able to allocate to all outlets from small screens
  • Added the colours from Cooking the Books receiving order to Drinking the Profits
  • Fixed the database jumper on the iPad
  • Fixed the stocktake template duplication issues on the iPad
  • Added the ability to store more detail about a stock item, including a photo
  • Removed the stock area from the stocktake templates, you weren’t the only one confused!
  • Added the ability to easily add a brand name when entering a new product
  • Added the brand names to the tendering section
  • Added the ability for Kounta users to review their configuration
  • Added the dashboard to the Invoice Ripper
  • Released our new Buffet costing feature

If you have any questions about these updates, or would like to give any feedback on the program, please contact our support team at or call 1300 911 282

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