Recent Updates as of 19/10/2016

Cooking the Books is becoming more and more international, and a lot of our recent updates are based on users not in Australia or New Zealand, or for those who are using imported products, as well as reflecting on our ever expanding customer base.

Here are the most recent updates, improvements and fixes to Cooking the Books as of the 19th of October 2016

  • Added the new cyclical menu feature
  • Added a new report to show variances between requistion sent and recieved for internal supply
  • Added the ability to hide items not being requistioned internally
  • Added the ability to restore a deleted supplier
  • Added to set cut of times, and non delivery days in your supplier settings
  • Added the option to consider stock on hand for the anticipated ordering feature
  • Added the account code saved in supplier settings onto the orders
  • Fixed the issue for 0% tax setting when adding revenue
  • Fixed the issue of stocktake templates not deleting items no longer in the system
  • Fixed the price movement statistics on the dashboard not displaying in middle levels of the corporate database
  • Fixed the delivery notes not appearing on orders and credit note requests
  • Fixed the dashboard on the iPad to reflect the venue, not the group as a whole
  • Added the ability to count items by weight during stocktake
  • Added the brand name to the stock report
  • Added the ability to set a different currency for different outlets within your database
  • Added the ability to set a different currency for different suppliers within your database
  • Added the ability to produce a stock performance report by supplier
  • Added the brand name to the stocktake template builder
  • Allowed for the ability to set par levels on recipes saved as a stock item
  • Added the brand name to the order being sent out to the supplier
  • Added a new report to show the amount of wastage against the amount purchased for individual items
  • Added the sub recipe ingredients to the nutrional panel
  • Added a search feature to the address book
  • Fixed the issue with sub recipe labour in various reports
  • Added the brand name to the stocktake count screen
  • Added the option to combine all items on invoices to a single “food spend” when integrating to Xero
  • Allowed for suppliers to display their best deals in all of our programs

If you have any questions about these updates, or would like to give any feedback on the program, please contact our support team at or call 1300 911 282

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