Recent Updates as of 9/1/2017

We hope everyone had a productive Christmas trade and are looking forward to a fantastic 2017, I know we are!

Here are some of the new features we have realised as of January 9th 2017 to help make 2017 your best year yet:

  • Added the ability to take photos of receipts from your tablet
  • Added the ability to push price updates from mid-level databases in your hierarchy
  • Added photos to the Waiters Friend Report
  • Added the ability to link multiple orders to a single invoice
  • Added the ability to block out public holidays as non-delivery days
  • Added the ability to see to replace a recipe when approving recipes submitted via personal recipe book
  • Fixed all reports to show most recent stocktake first
  • Added invoice type (purchase or return) when accepting invoices on a tablet
  • Fixed the Invoice Transaction Report filter shortcut on the dashboard
  • Fixed the Credit Note report showing incorrect figures
  • Fixed so that you can no longer send an order multiple times when loading is delayed
  • Added the ability to produce the Live Food Cost Report even if you do not have a POS integration
  • Added the ability to allocate stock to all outlets below, even if you do not have access to “corporate” level
  • Updated our AUSNUT records for nutrition
  • Allowed for corporate control and update of supplier contacts
  • Implemented the new Recipe Ripper feature
  • Added the ability to send messages when using the whiteboard
  • Added totals to the Stock Item Purchased Report
  • Created the ability to produce the Item Spent Report in xls
  • Added the ability to filter the Variation from Order to Invoice Report by supplier
  • Added the total variance to the Variation from Order to Invoice Report
  • Fixed the expand on orders error when linking invoices
  • Fixed the error where recipes saved in word were not populating the method
  • Fixed the render on the calculator during Stocktakes
  • Fixed the error of mid level databases not displaying Invoice History
  • Fixed the Print Stock by Supplier to only print current outlet’s stock
  • Removed supplier name from order templates that only contain a single supplier
  • Added a new Widget for Spend by Supplier to the Dashboard
  • Added the ability to show Stocktake Valuation Report by supplier
  • Removed the word “kitchen” from a few spots in Drinking the Profits
  • Released our Drinking the Profits app for iPad and Android
  • Added a new report to print recipes by Section
  • Added the ability to filter by supplier, not just stock on the Price Movement Report
  • Added the costing to the email attachment for recipes submitted for approval from the Personal Recipe Book
  • Added a new user authority to stop users from processing new stock items
  • Created a report for storing multiple PDF attachments from Invoices on file
  • Added the filter details to the Stocktake Sheets when printed with a filter applied
  • Added the ability to clear all notifications on the dashboard
  • Added the new Supplier Price Update feature
  • Moved the stock used report from the Recipe Section to the Stock Section
  • Fixed the error for MYOB NZ users with custom Tax Codes

If you have any questions about these updates, or would like to give any feedback on the program, please contact our support team at or call 1300 911 282

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