Updates as of 13/07/2017

What a start to the new financial year!

Here are all the things we have fixed and added recently to help make this financial year your most successful yet!

  • Fixed the Waiters Friend Report to a more modern desgin
  • Added the whiteboard to the iPad app
  • Finally released our CTB phone app for iPhone
  • Added the ability to link stock items to allergens
  • Added sub recipe price movements to the recipe movement report
  • Improved our integration with Netsuite
  • Added more supplier information to the Order Sheet Report
  • Stopped any auto download reports to help ease pop up blocking issues
  • Added the ability to drag an entire folder into the Menu Builder, not just individual recipes
  • Added a new report for number of inventory turns based on stock holding value
  • Added the brand name to the Tendering function
  • Added even more sites to our Recipe Ripper
  • Added the ability to set minimum order amounts only for certain delivery days
  • Removed the select outlet option for any users who only access a single outlet database
  • Added column memory to the menu evolution to help out users with smaller screen sizes
  • Added the column brand name to the all stocks display
  • Changed the dashboard to reflect chosen start date of the week
  • Added requisition supplier capabilities to the whiteboard
  • Added statement reading as an option for all programs
  • Added the ability to use a single email for Invoice Ripper and allocated based on supplier allocation
  • Added the ability to mark orders as N/A for suppliers
  • Added the ability to tick off all items when marking invoices as received
  • Added the ability to shortcut directly to a report for ease of use
  • Added subtotals to the Item Purchase Report
  • Added a notification to the Dashboard when a budget has been reached
  • Added the ability to create a job code per outlet when exporting to MYOB
  • Added an integration for stocktake from Bevinco
  • Added the ability to use the Make or Buy feature without a subscription to the whole program
  • Added the ability to select states outside of Australia

If you have any questions about these updates, or would like to give any feedback on the program, please contact our support team at support@cookingthebooks.com.au or call 1300 911 282

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